I have played music pretty much all of my life.
Listening to my father practicing the violin growing up gave me a natural understanding of music.
I had lessons in piano for a few years in various music schools in Denmark.
Also went to Jazz school in Skurup, Sweden for half a year.
Playing scales very fast or making advanced things never motivated me.
Instead, I found my strength through the longing in my heart.
A passion to express myself and to touch people.
In fact, I think music is all about people.
Traveling, experiencing other cultures and listening to people’s stories is essential and fundamental for my inspiration.
Most of my work has been as a solo artist with my own songs or teaching piano.
I also enjoy sitting in the background at a party, creating a nice atmosphere.
Whatever the job might be, it’s an honor for me to do it.
Being able to give is truly the greatest privilege of all.